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I'm Tiffany, and I write things.

My true passion is helping people discover their best self and grow into their full potential, and topics that light my very soul on fire include personal growth, mindset, business building, and mental health…among so many others. But hey, I like to throw in some life hacks and fun stuff in here and there too..ya feel me?

I’m no perfect expert or anything, and I’m plodding (sometimes clawing) my way up and along the hills and valleys life brings. But my goal with this blog is to dig a little deeper, push myself and you toward greatness, share what I’ve learned, and wrestle with some tough topics to make this ridiculous journey more authentic and meaningful.

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Who am I?

I'm an animal-loving, pasta-obsessed ambivert. My favorite things to do include writing, cooking, hiking, listening to creepy podcasts, craft beer tasting, and hanging out with my goofy, nerdy husband, Cole. I've lived all over the U.S., but the Pacific Northwest will always have my heart.

"Begin anywhere."

-John Cage