6 Reasons Why Proofreading is the Perfect Job for Introverts

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Are you an introvert who’s sick of surviving in a working world designed for extroverts? I feel ya, friend. Having to go to meetings, give presentations, or deal with customers on a daily basis can be mentally and emotionally taxing for those of us who recharge best by being alone. You may feel like you’re going to be stuck conforming to an extrovert’s world forever, but I’ve got great news: you don’t have to be! There are plenty of jobs out there for introverts, and if you’re a word nerd who loves to read, proofreading may be an absolute dream.

Keep reading to find out why!

1. Give up the dread of going to work.

Having to drag yourself to work every day when you’re an introvert can feel like actual torture some days, and coming home to peacefully decompress after being around people all day can be quite a task. Does that nasty pit of anxiety form in your stomach before you go to work every day knowing that you’re going to have to deal with people?

If so, a work-from-home job like proofreading may be the perfect job for you.

2. You can work anywhere from your bed to the Bahamas.

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Just because you’re an introvert doesn’t mean you’re a shut-in. With proofreading, you are free to work from home or while traveling the globe. You can work from your living room, an airplane, your back porch, a coffee shop, a cabin in the woods, the nearest beach, or literally anywhere with Internet! How’s that for freedom?!

To clarify, I don’t necessarily recommend working from your bed, but let me tell ya, it is a lifesaver when you’re sick to be able to curl up in your warm bed and get work done. Makes working while sick a lot less miserable!

3. Nearly 100 percent of communication is virtual.

As a proofreader, 99.9% of your communication with the outside world is via email. I have only spoken on the phone to one of my clients, and that’s mostly because we’ve become friends. I wouldn’t say that you’ll never have anyone who wants to talk to you on the phone, but it’s far less likely or frequent than with most regular jobs.

4. No need to market yourself with phone calls.

I made a grand total of three phone calls when I was marketing my new business, and honestly, I didn’t really need to. Marketing yourself via email and social media works just fine if you’re dedicated. You will have to market yourself to get the word out about your services, but no need to talk to anybody in person or on the phone. You can, but it’s not necessary at all.

5. Reading is literally your job.

I’m not saying all introverts love to read, but I think a lot of us have vivid imaginations and do enjoy getting caught up in a good story. I won’t lie to you and say that every single thing you read as a proofreader will be wildly thrilling, but oftentimes you will learn a lot of new things, and you’ll probably read some crazy stories too. I know I have!

6. It’s flexible work.

You’re the boss. If you’re feeling burnt out, you can turn down work. You set your vacation days as you please. No need to put in requests for time off anymore; you make your own schedule and choose when you’re off! Of course you’ll need to stick to deadlines and plan with your clients (‘cause treating your clients well pays off; trust me), but you’re basically the master of your own fate.

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