14 Travel Hacks to Make Your Next Trip Way Easier

by Tiffany Walking Eagle | 2-minute read

  1. Tie a brightly colored ribbon or piece of fabric to your luggage to make identifying it easier.

  2. Save money by bringing your own water bottle.

    Just make sure it’s empty when you go through security!

  3. Keep your clothes and bag smelling fresh by tossing a dryer sheet into your luggage.

  4. Use a TV or laptop to charge your phone if you forgot your wall charger.

    Most newer TVs and laptops have a USB port.

  5. Have your checked luggage marked as fragile to save time.

    They’ll store it at the top of the luggage pile, so it will be among the first bags to emerge on the carousel.

  6. Bring this super awesome little steamer.

    It will eliminate wrinkles in clothes you stuffed in your bag in no time at all.

  7. Bring a power strip.

    This one is especially handy if you’re staying in a hostel, since you won’t have to fight over outlets in a shared room.

  8. Download the Hopper app to save money on air travel.

    It tracks certain routes for you and notifies you when prices are good, and when they’re likely to go up. (I’m not affiliated with them in anyway. Just love using the app!)

  9. Take a collapsible laundry bag with you to separate dirty and clean clothes.

    Or, go the super-cheap rout and use a plastic grocery or trash bag.

  10. Roll your clothes to maximize space in your luggage.

  11. Also, leave some room in your bag because you’ll likely do some shopping wherever you’re going!

  12. Download mobile boarding passes and print them at an airport kiosk.

    That way, you’ll have backups in case your phone dies or you misplace the paper copy.

  13. Bring a jacket and/or blanket in your carry-on bag.

  14. Planes tend to get cold, plus, who know how clean those scratchy blankets that airlines provide really are?

  15. Put your purse inside a backpack,

    Have your backpack as your personal item so you’ll still have the option for a free carry-on bag. Most airlines allow one free personal item and one free carry-on.

  16. Don’t rely on WiFi or cell service wherever you’re going when it comes to navigation.

    Download a Google map of your destination ahead of time so you won’t be stranded once you get there. Explanation here.

    What are your favorite travel tips? Leave me a note in the comments!

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