10 Affirmations to Transform Your Mindset + Your Morning

Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.
— Pearl Strachan Hurd

by Tiffany Walking Eagle | 3-minute read

Words have undeniable power over our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Despite how awkward they can feel at first, speaking and writing affirmations can have a major impact on your mindset, which in turn has an effect on your actions. No one gets anywhere in life without action, but it all starts with your mindset.

In my last post, I wrote about how affirmations are a powerful addition to your morning routine. But I remember the first few times I tried affirmations, I gave up because I felt like they were just empty words that made no difference in real life. Since then, I’ve done more research on the science behind affirmations (because most successful people swear by them), and I’ve learned the main way to make them more effective in your life is to make them believable. They won’t mean a darn thing to you if you don’t believe them!

Most of the time, we know deep down that we have the ability to work toward our goals and maybe even make our dreams a reality, but we get so caught up in the size of our aspirations that instead of eating the elephant one bite at a time, we let the elephant escape back to the jungle. In other words, we do nothing instead of taking the small steps that add up to major progress.

Affirmations aren’t lies to make true for yourself. They are realities that you have the ability to make true for yourself through a) believing you can and b) taking the action to follow through. Again, it all starts with your mindset, and affirmations are a powerful catalyst for altering your attitude and your actions.

Since getting started with affirmations can be a bit confusing, I put together 10 believable, effective affirmations, and you can fill in the blanks with your personal goals and dreams.

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Affirmations1 (1).png

  1. _______ is more than a far-off hope; it is an attainable reality.

  2. I am committed to ______ no matter what; there is no other other option. *

  3. I have the ability, willpower, and grit to apply myself daily to accomplish ______.

  4. I may struggle with ______ (anxiety, procrastination, confidence, etc.), but I can overcome my struggles and grow better through them.

  5. I have the strength to get through whatever comes my way.

  6. I can’t control what happens to me or the choices of others, but I can control my reaction.

  7. Every new day, hour, and minute is a chance to do better.

  8. The small, daily choices I make have a big impact on my future.

  9. I recognize the significance of my choices, and I commit to taking small actions daily that will push me toward ______.

  10. I commit to spending ______ (amount of time) ______ (weekly, daily, on weekdays) working toward ________.

* I can’t take credit for number 2; I heard it from Hal Elrod, who has an incredible story.

Have affirmations made a difference in your life? Share your story in the comments! I challenge you to give these affirmations a try every morning for a week, and let me know how it goes!