3 Aluminum-free Deodorants that Actually Work + Why to Go Aluminum-free


by Tiffany Walking Eagle | 7-minute read

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Why It’s Important to go Aluminum-Free

Aside from the fact that antiperspirants can clog pores and cause irritation, the aluminum in such antiperspirants and deodorants has been linked to breast cancer.

According to WebMD,

“…most breast cancers develop in the upper outer part of the breast -- the area closest to the armpit, which is where antiperspirants are applied. The studies suggest that chemicals in antiperspirants, including aluminum, are absorbed into the skin, particularly when the skin is nicked during shaving. These studies claim that those chemicals may then interact with DNA and lead to cancerous changes in cells, or interfere with the action of the female hormone estrogen, which is known to influence the growth of breast cancer cells.”

Aluminum has also been found to be a neurotoxin, and it’s linked with encephalopothy (brain disease or damage), memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. (More info here.)

Safe to say, it’s best to avoid exposing your body to aluminum as much as possible, and deodorant is unfortunately often a personal care staple that contains aluminum as an active ingredient.

However, I don’t know about you, but I had tried a bunch of different brands of natural, aluminum-free deodorants and they just didn’t work.

Some left me smelly after just an hour of wear. Others seemed to never dry, so my underarms felt slimy….which isn’t pleasant. Others seemed to make my B.O. even worse than normal somehow!

Have you had a similar experience?

Either way, I spent several months testing natural deodorants, and I found these three that actually work.

So without further ado, let’s get into the reviews!

Kopari Coconut Oil Deodorant

Price: $14.00 (plus tax + $5.00 standard shipping)

At 14 bucks plus tax and shipping, this deodorant is not particularly cheap. I used their offer for 15% off the first order and paid $11.90 out the door. (If you buy through this link, you’ll pay $11.90) Kopari does offer a 100% refund within 60 days if you’re not satisfied.

Claims + General Info

Kopari Beauty’s site claims:

  • Aluminum-free

  • Non-toxic formula (no aluminum, no parabens, no baking soda)

  • Coconut oil

  • Sweet coconut milk scent

Initial thoughts

Scent: It smells FANTASTIC and definitely has a strong tropical-y, coconutty scent, but not unpleasantly strong. Makes me want to go on vacation! I tend to like stronger scents, however, so those with sensitive noses may think differently. They offer a fragrance-free version as well.

Application: It applied smoothly and easily, and it dried quickly. It wasn’t sticky or thick, and didn’t leave behind a layer of white residue once it dried.

Packaging: It’s cute and functional! Definitely unique for a deodorant. I like the colors and cylindrical shape. The twist-off top is a nice feature, as it feels more secure than regular snap-on deodorant caps. I appreciate that because I’ve definitely been annoyed by losing deodorant tops in my luggage or the depths of my purse.

Thoughts After Consistent Use

The first time I used Kopari, I noticed a tiny bit of B.O. by the end of the day, but nothing terrible, and far less than there would have been if I’d skipped deodorant altogether. Not long after the smell check, I received an email from Kopari talking about the pit detox you may go through.

So FYI, you may not initially get the same results that you would with antiperspirant. However, after multiple uses of just a few days, I noticed no body odor after a full day of wear. I’m betting pit detoxes are different for everyone. Honestly, I absolutely love this deodorant, and I’m planning to keep it as my go-to. My husband even noticed that I smell fresh at the end of the day, and he has an uber sensitive nose (lucky me ;) ).


Final Thoughts


  • Smells AMAZING (if you like coconut)

  • Long-lasting odor control

  • Isn’t sticky and won’t stain clothes

  • Packaging is cute and awesome


  • Not suited for those who don’t like/are sensitive to coconut

  • May not provide instant, high-powered odor control (I.e., may go through a pit detox)

  • Not the cheapest option

LUMĒ Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts

Price: $12.99 (plus tax. Free first class shipping within domestic U.S.)

Claims + General Info

The LUMĒ (loo-may? loo-mee? No clue how to pronounce it) website claims their product provides “clinically proven 72-hour odor control.” That’s a pretty big claim for an aluminum-free deo! The original version is scented with lavender and sage oil (both oils included in one deodorant, not one or the other. Just clarifying because I was confused about that in the beginning!) and they offer an unscented version as well. I purchased the scented version. They also offer it as a tube or a traditional deodorant stick, and they offer a bundle of the two.

LUMĒ is:

  • Vegan

  • Cruelty-free

  • Aluminum-free

  • Talc-free

  • Gluten-free

  • Artificial fragrance-free

  • Sulfate-free

  • Paraben-free

  • Corn-free

  • Phlatates-free

  • Soy-free

  • Coconut oil-free

Initial thoughts

Scent: This is going to sound so weird, but I swear this deodorant smells just like whey protein powder with maybe a hint of sage. Definitely not what I expected when the ingredients mentioned lavender and sage essential oil. Frankly, not an amazing smell (as in, I probably wouldn’t buy a candle in the scent), but not a bad smell at all, at least to me.

Application: It applies wonderfully and does not leave a trace of sticky or white residue behind. The scent is more pleasant once applied as well. However, bear in mind that a little goes a long way. Seriously. If yours applies sticky, it’s because you’re applying too much. Also, it has a lotion-y feel. It doesn’t feel like regular deodorant, but just feels like you’re applying some kind of fast-absorbing moisturizer to your pits. Not unpleasant at all, in my opinion!

Packaging: In a word, basic. It’s like regular deodorant, and the product squeezes up through small holes in the top as you twist the bottom (like gel deodorant).

Thoughts After Consistent Use

This is a quality deodorant for sure. It lives up to its long-wearing claims, although I’ve never put it through a 72-hour wear test…sorry, guys. Don’t think I could go that long without a shower. I think it works just as well (if not better!) than many regular deodorants I’ve tried. It dries quickly, has basically no scent once it dries, and doesn’t cause any irritation whatsoever. I will say, be careful not to apply too much, or it may not dry fully. Just twist the bottom up until the product is just barely poking out through the holes, and divide that equally between your pits (and private parts if you’re going that route).

Final Thoughts


  • Instant, long-lasting odor control (no pit detox for me!)

  • Applies beautifully

  • A little goes a longg way!

  • Non-drying

  • Coconut oil-free (beneficial for those who hate it/are sensitive to it)


  • Pricey

  • Unique smell that some may or may not like (unscented could be a good option)

ARM & HAMMER™ Essentials™ Solid Deodorant

Price: $1.88 at Walmart ( + tax. Price varies between around $2 to $5 depending where you buy)

Claims + General Info

Here’s what the ARM & HAMMER™ website says:

• Natural plant extracts and pure Baking Soda fight tough odors

• No aluminum, parabens, colorants or animal-derived ingredients

• Fresh and clean smell from natural plant extracts

Scent: This deo smells wonderful. I’ve used both the “clean” and “fresh” scents, and they’re both lovely.

Application: It applies quite well, although I do feel it takes a bit longer to dry than other deodorants. Still, it applies clear and smooth.

Packaging: Normal, basic ol’ deodorant tube. The lid is quite secure and I’ve never had issues with it coming off.

Thoughts After Consistent Use

Honestly, I’ve been using this one as my cheap, go-to aluminum-free option for awhile. I love the scents, and it applies smoothly. However, I do recommend keeping a stick in your car or purse, since you may want to reapply if it’s hot out. That could be considered a major downside to this deodorant, but I've had to do the same with regular antiperspirant, so having to reapply doesn’t really bother me. Also, baking soda can cause irritation for some people; it never caused me any irritation, however.

Final Thoughts


  • Smells wonderful

  • Effectively reduces or eliminates odors

  • Applies clearly and smoothly

  • Very affordable and can be purchased at most stores


  • May require more frequent application

  • Slightly longer drying time than other deos

  • Contains baking soda, which some are sensi,tive to

So which one is the best?

I picked these top three because they are all fantastic products I love. I’d have to say that the Kopari deo is my favorite, and the reason why is because it combines my top priorities in a deodorant: great smell, effectiveness, and excellent application.

Truly, all three are great options, and I hope I provided enough info to help you make an informed purchase. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comments!! :)

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