12 Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

12 Lazy Girl-Approved Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life (1).png

by Tiffany Walking Eagle | 4-minute read

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1. Ditch the lash glue and opt for magnetic falsies. 

Do you love the look of false lashes but hate the hassle? Me too. Having to sit there *just* the right amount of time for the glue to dry and getting the lashes in the right place is just too much work in my opinion. Enter these new, adhesive-free falsies that stay in place with tiny magnets! Genius right?! Ditch that sticky lash glue (it's not healthy for your lashes either!) and give these a try. You also can easily take them off at night instead of having to scrub off mascara, so that's a plus. 

2. Dry nails faster with an ice bath.

Nine times out of ten, I mess up my nails because I'm way too impatient to let them fully dry. I also seem to always suddenly need to pee, eat a snack, or wash the dishes right after painting my nails. Can you relate?  If so, let  your freshly polished nails dry for a minute or two and then dunk them into an ice bath.  Or, in cases of extreme laziness, opt for a nail drying spray, and your claws will be dry in no time. (Check out my other handy manicure tips here.)  

3. Wrap your hair with a cotton T-shirt instead of a towel.

T-shirts are way more absorbent than towels, thus they'll help your hair dry quicker. Regular bath towels can also be rough on your hair and contribute to frizz and even damage. Grab your SO's big comfy T-shirt and wrap that around your head fresh out of the shower for smoother locks that dry in a jiffy. 

4. Make perfume last with petroleum jelly.

What's the point of spraying yourself in perfume if it only lasts an hour? Nobody wants to lug their bottle of perfume around with them everywhere, so free up some room in your purse and dab petroleum jelly or this petrol-free alternative on your pulse points (or wherever you apply your smell-good) before you spray to help it last longer. The jelly gives the scent something to stick to.


5. Get the perfect winged eyeliner every time with a spoon.

If you struggle with winged eyeliner, try using a spoon as a guide. Simply hold the straight side against the corner of your eye to draw a straight line, then flip the spoon over so it's cupped against your face and use the curved edge to get that perfect wing. (Video tutorial here.)

6. Throw on a hair scarf or head wrap when your hair is lookin' greasy.

The hair washing, drying, and styling process it incredibly time consuming. Skip the hassle and just toss your hair up in a messy bun or ponytail and put on a wide headband or hair scarf to cover up the grease. (A little dry shampoo doesn't hurt either.) Check out this guide for lots of cool ideas! 

7. Give your arms a break with a wall-mounted hair dryer holder. 

While holding your hair dryer is a pretty decent arm workout, save yourself the effort and buy a super cheap wall-mounted hair dryer holder. All you have to do is stand or sit there, brush through your hair, and move your head around for an easy blowout. Extremely lazy or incredibly genius? A little bit of both, methinks! 

8. Help bobby pins hold with hairspray. 

To help bobby pins hold better throughout the day, simply spritz them with your favorite hairspray before placing them in your hair. Simple as that!

9. Dab some lipstick on your cheeks when you're out of blush.

Anyone else put off going to the beauty store for just one makeup item? Just me? Well, either way, save yourself a trip and dab a little lip color on your cheeks when you're out of blush. Gently tap on sheer powder to set.

10. Store face wipes or micellar water by your bed. 

If you tend fall asleep without washing your face on occasion, store a packet of makeup wipes by your bed to quickly cleanse your skin from the oil, sweat, and caked-on goop that builds up throughout the day. A bottle of micellar water and some cotton balls will do the trick too!

11. Soothe cracked heels with socks and lotion.

This simple but effective trick will moisturize dry heels and soothe cracked footsies overnight. Take a shower or bath before bed, and apply your favorite deep moisturizer to feet; whether it's coconut oil, foot cream, or Vaseline, slather it on fresh out of the shower. Then, put on a pair of socks and go to bed. Do as often as you like to heal your heels.

12. Keep Q-tips handy for makeup mess-ups. 

If you tend to get your mascara or eyeliner all over the place during application, keep a few Q-tips in your makeup bag to wipe away mistakes. Leave them dry, or dip in makeup remover or concealer if needed.