8 Simple Butt Exercises To Do If You Hate Squats

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by Tiffany Walking Eagle | 3-minute read

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1. Glute Kickbacks (no equipment required)

For this exercise, get on all fours on the floor or an exercise mat. Bend one leg at a 90-degree angle and lift and lower it slowly, keeping tension in your glutes. Repeat on the other side. Do as many reps and sets as you can for maximum effect! Add in some ankle weights or exercise bands to really feel the burn.  (Demo here. )

2. Flutter Kicks 

All the equipment you need for this one is either a weight bench or an ottoman if you're working out at home! Lie on your stomach and grip the sides of the bench or ottoman for stability. Start with your legs straight, then alternate lifting and lowering each leg. Keep your legs straight and contract your hamstrings and glutes throughout the exercise. (Demo here.

3. Leg Lifts (no equipment required)

Stand up straight and put your hands on a wall, bench, or chair for stability. Lift one leg straight out behind you and squeeze your glutes as you lift and lower. Repeat on other side. Slap on some ankle weights for even more oomph. (Demo here.)

4. Hip Bridge (no equipment required) 

Lie on your back with your feet flat on the ground and knees bent. Driving through your heels, raise and lower your hips while, of course, squeezing those glutes. For a challenge, lift one leg as you do the exercise. (Demo here.)

5. Barbell hip thrust

This is one of the most effective exercising for toning and building your butt, and trust me, it burns! Start off with your head and shoulders on a weight bench and a loaded barbell resting on your hips. Place a towel behind your head and under the barbell to make it a little more comfortable. Then, with hips lowered, thrust the hips upward while driving through your feet and keeping tension in the glutes. Do as many as you can! You'll thank me (and hate me) later for this one. (Demo here.)

6. Deadlifts

Deadlifts are awesome for lifting the butt and toning up the hamstrings. Standing with feet hip-width apart, keep your legs straight without locking the knees. Hold a barbell or pair of dumbells and hinge at the hips while lowering your upper body toward the floor until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings. Repeat. (Demo here.) 

7. Lunges (no equipment required)

Standing upright with good posture and your hands on your hips, take a large step in front of you and lower your hips until your front leg is bent at a 90-degree angle. Keep your core tight, and avoid letting your knee extend past your toe as you step. (Demo here.) 

8. Sprints (no equipment required)

Sprints are a fantastic way to tone up your legs, butt, and abs! Doesn't matter if you're on a treadmill or a track, just aim for at least 3 or 4 sprints lasting about 12 seconds (more sets for longer if you can!) giving at least 70 percent of your max effort. Turn up the incline or dash up some hills for a challenge! (Check out this cool article to learn more about the benefits of sprinting.)