12 Adorable Date Ideas for Couples on a Budget


by Tiffany Walking Eagle | 5-minute read

Whether you’re scrambling to find cute, last-minute date ideas, or you’ve got a limited budget you need to stick to, there are plenty of ways to have a fun, romantic date with your significant other without breaking the bank.

  1. Check out wine tasting or dinner deals on Groupon.

Wineries offer beautiful, romantic settings for your date, and going wine tasting doesn’t have to be expensive. Tasting fees at wineries usually range from 5 to 15 dollars, and the tasting fee is usually waived with a bottle purchase (but don’t feel obligated to buy a bottle).

To save more money, check out what Groupon deals are available in your area. You can often find wine tasting packages that offer free tasting or discounts, and well as dinner-for-two packages at restaurants that’ll save you major cash.

2. Share dessert at a fancy restaurant.

Maybe you can’t afford to buy dinner for the two of you at a fancy restaurant, but you still want to take your S.O. out. Going out for just dessert, whether you share or not, is an easy but cute way to save money while still celebrating your love….while enjoying some delish dessert. Head to your favorite local fancy restaurant, gelato shop, or cafe!

3. Go on a hike.

If you both love the outdoors, go on a hike together! If it’s a shorter hike, you could even pack a couple of beers, a bottle of wine, or a full-on picnic to make it even more romantic.

4. Get an Airbnb and spend the night in.

Unlike most hotels, Airbnb often offers entire apartments, guest houses, or condos for guests at affordable prices. The brilliant thing about that is, you can reserve an Airbnb for the night or the weekend and save money by making your meals at home. It’s still a nice little getaway for the both of you in a new place, but you don’t have to drop loads of dough on restaurants or bars. Have a relaxing trip just spending time together.

5. Cook dinner together or have a wine + cheese night at home.

There’s absolutely no need to go out to have a great time. Hit up Pinterest and pick out a tasty meal to make together. Bust out some candles and cute decor for extra points. ;)

If neither of you like to cook, pick up a few bottles of wine and different types of cheeses and meats. You can do your own little tasting at home and play around with what wine pairs best with what cheese. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be fun!

6. Create a scavenger hunt for your gifts.

This idea will take a bit more planning ahead of time, but hide your S.O.’s gift from them and set up little clues to help them find it. Either set up this little game ahead of time and surprise them with it, or do it together so you have to find each other’s gifts.

7. Have a game night.

Are you both into board games, card games, or video games? Plan a game night together with your favorite games and snacks. Super simple, cheap, and fun.

8. Go bowling.

Bowling is definitely an affordable and enjoyable activity, so why not bowl for your date? It might not seem that romantic, but it is what you make it—plus, this idea is perfect for couples who aren’t into uber romantic stuff anyway.

9. Pick up some massage oil, lotion, and candles and have a spa night in.

Light some candles and give each other massages. I mean, do I really need to convince you on this one?

10. Dinner and a movie.

Have dinner at home, then head to a movie afterward. Even better, check out your local dollar theater to save on ticket prices.

No need to go to the theater if that’s too much, though! Have a movie night in marathoning some of your favorite films or Netflix shows together, and nibble on popcorn or fancy chocolates while you watch. Whatever you do, pick a movie you both like, or each pick one movie to show to each other ahead of time. I say this so you can avoid the endless scrolling through Netflix or Hulu arguing about to watch…that could put a damper on your date night.

11. Check out the local events and specials going on in your area.

Google what’s going on in your area to find events or local deals you can take advantage of. Facebook Local is a great app to help you find some fun activities you two could attend like live music at a local pub, dancing, dinner specials, and more. Many restaurants offer dinner-for-two packages as well, so call around to find out what fits your budget.

12. Don’t feel pressured to go to an expensive restaurant.

I feel like everyone pictures the perfect date an a fancy shmancy restaurant where the servers wear bowties and the meals are served in courses. Especially if you can’t afford it do NOT feel like that’s where you have to go to have a wonderful date.

Last year for our Valentine’s Day date, my husband and I went to our favorite local Thai restaurant. The food was delicious, and everything was under 12 bucks a plate; we had a great time. Valentine’s shouldn’t be about spending tons of money on each other or going to bougie places; it’s about spending time together and celebrating your relationship. A date is truly what you make it.

What’s your favorite date idea on this list? Have any others you’d like to share? Drop me a comment below! :)

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